School Supplies

Over the past few years, California’s State Budget for our schools has greatly decreased, class sizes have increased, and our supply budgets are diminished.  As a result, we would greatly appreciate your help in supplying your child with the materials listed below:


Please Bring to School the First Week:

  • 1 box of 24 count CRAYOLA crayons (do not label with your child’s name)
  • 5 Elmer’s glue sticks
  • 1 Black Expo Marker
  • 1 box of Ticonderoga pencils
  • 2 Highlighters-different colors
  • 1 pair of earbuds or headphones labeled with your child’s name
  • 1 standard size pencil box labeled with your child’s name
  • 1 ream of white copy paper

Always in need of:

  • White copy paper
  • Colored copy paper
  • White cardstock
  • Color cardstock
  • Ticonderoga pencils SHARPENED
  • Glue sticks
  • Dry-erase markers Black
  • White address mailing labels (Avery 5160- 1 x 2 5/8)
  • Boxes of tissues
  • Clorox Wipes

Pencil boxes will be returned at the end of each trimester for you to replenish with new supplies.  Students will bring them back the first day of the new trimester.