Rules and Communication

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We strongly encourage parents to work with their children on reminding them to use the restroom before school, during each recess, and after they have finished eating lunch. First grade teachers do allow children to leave their instructional setting to use the restroom when it is necessary. However, please keep in mind that a child leaving the instructional setting during a lesson disrupts learning for everyone. If your child uses the restroom frequently for medical reasons, please advise me of this very important information.


PBIS Points - We are going to be using the school-wide PBIS point system this year.  Students can earn points for good behavior and class work.  Students can lost points for breaking school and class rules, or for not doing their best work.  You will see these points reflected on the PBIS website.

PRIDE Recess - This is an extra 15 minute recess, on Fridays, that students can buy for 10 PBIS points each week

BLOOMZ -  In addition to PBIS points, students can earn special in-class Bloomz points for on the spot classroom behavior.  This will be instant feedback for you to see how your student is doing in class for exceptional great behavior, or for behavior that needs to be addressed at home.

Zapped - Students can be sent to Zapped for two reasons: behavior and incomplete work.  Please know that I do not take Zapped lightly.  If a student is sent to Zapped for behavior it is because there have repeated warnings, or there was an extreme behavior.  They need that time to reflect on what they have done and how they will change their behavior in the future.  

Students who are sent to Zapped for missing work have been given opportunities, in class, to complete missing work and still need additional time to complete that work.  Please see this as a chance for them to grow in their knowledge and not as a punishment.

Citations – These are given for students that are not following the rules. They need to be signed and brought back to school the next day. Citations will not be given out often.  These are for serious offences.  

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 – If you haven’t signed up, please do as soon as possible. I use Bloomz as a major form of communication throughout the school year.  Announcements and private messages will be sent using this system.  You will be given a personal login code at the start of the school year.  You will need to create an account and then use this code to join our class.

Please check Bloomz and your e-mail frequently. I try to check Bloomz as often as I can, but we do get busy with other things during class time.  If there is an urgent message (such as a change in pickup, something needs to brought home that day, or they have a lunch if the office) please call the front office and they will make sure that I get the message.  If you need to have a lengthy discussion about your student, please schedule a time to meet.  I need a heads-up before conferences, so I can pull materials together.  I can usually find time to meet right before or after school.  If there is a special circumstance, I can also meet during lunch hours.

Bloomz can also be used to sign-up volunteers, collect class donations, and for parent-teacher conferences.  I am really excited to be using this program this year!